Shiraz Gandhi



Shiraz Gandhi Art Foundation is a non profit organization where artist Shiraz propagates the idea of how art and creativity is, and must be an integral part of education. She believes that all the skill, experience, and knowledge that she has gained over the years by working in the creative field with several artists, has helped her open up different perspectives in both, personal and professional life.

Through various workshops for the under privileged children, along with teaching them different forms of art, she’s also promoting the idea that art is not restricted to only the time that you are practicing it, but to every minute that follows after.

Research shows that children who indulge in art and design, perform better in academics, have less chances of suffering from depression or anxiety at later ages, and in general grow into better humans.

Since art is a form of expression, she wants the underprivileged class of society to have an access to this medium, through which they can not only explore and develop their talent, but also channelize their agressive energies (if any) into something constructive and creative.

Shiraz Gandhi Art Foundation is a promise of art, sincere efforts and happiness to the ones who are deprived and unaware of their hidden creative side.

Through such social activities, Ms. Gandhi also wants to bring a small but significant change in in the perception of society towards art.