Shiraz Gandhi



A name that’s been associated to some of the most beautiful pieces of art in the country, and abroad, Shiraz Gandhi is an exemplary artist and a great gift to the world of Indian Arts. With an experience of over two decades, Ms. Gandhi blends creativity and culture in a beautiful way. Her expertise lies in Murals and Sculptures, and with numerous sculptures created in a span of 20 years, she is quite an inspiration for the artists of this generation. Fibres have been her best friend for the longest time, and she’s been creating the most magical art out of different types of fibers. Apart from this, she also has a vast experience of art work at national and international events, with wedding planners, and much more. Ms. Gandhi has explored and worked with everything from mosaics to metals to fibers, and everything in between, doing equal justice to every piece. It was out of her interest in aesthetics and art, that she got into this field; and now that she’s spent years creating beautiful, pleasant and eye catching spaces with her skill, knowledge, experience and creativity, there’s no turning back.


Born in 1981, Surat, Gujarat, India

Studied  Fine Arts,  ( GSEB )     


Work Experience:

Murals, Sculptures, Canvas Paintings Experiments with state-of-the-art Ceramic, Mosaics,  Metal Relief (Brass, Copper, Aluminium sheets), Murals – Mix Media,C4X, Cold Ceramic, Frescos, Fiber etc.

National & State Awards :

2003  The Best Painting in College.

2003  National Merit Award – ART PEOPLE INDIA New Delhi.

2002  Excellent Performance at JAYRUP Creative Award.

2002  Excellent Performance Award at College.

2001  The Bombay Art Society, Mumbai.

2001  Gujarat State LALIT KALA Academy Ahmedabad.

Exhibited at National level:

2007  Taj Art Gallery Mumbai.

2006  Lalit Kala Akademi – Chennai.

2004  Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar.

2003  The Bombay Art Society.

2002  South Central Zone Cultural Center Nagpur

Group Show:

2003  Group Exhibition Taj Art Gallery Mumbai.

2002  Group Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai.

2002  Youth Art Exhibition, Nehru Art Gallery, Jaipur.

2001  Group Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai.

2000  Rotary Art Gallery, Surat.


2020 Wall Mural at Kalpataru residence at Sion Mumbai.

2019  Wall Mural at Maker Tower residence at Cuffe Parade Mumbai.

2018  Complete Artwork for a Penthouse Residence Andheri

2017  Thai Sculpture Art work for Masala Mojos Restaurant Surat.

2016  Designed & Executed Mural for Navratna Hotel, Delhi.

2015  Sculpture for Mr. Naresh Chavda (Trident Group).

2014  Designed and Executed Abstract Metal Sculptures for Lodha Builders Mumbai.

2013  Designed and Executed Art Décor Ceiling, Inox Logo, and Refuel Logo for INOX at QUEST MALL, KOLKATA.

2012  Designed and Executed 3 Grace Sculpture for Lodha Builders, Mumbai.

2011  Designed and Executed wedding set for WDC Singapore.

2010  Designed and Executed wedding set for WDC at Umaro Resort, New Delhi.

2009  Executed Persepolis Murals Design made in Fibre based on Persian Theme for Architectural Building DELLA TOWER Dadar, Mumbai.

2009  Designed and Executed Inox LOGOS in Fibre for Inox at GVK ONE MALL, Hyderabad.

2008  Designed and Executed Art Décor Murals in Fibre for Inox at GVK ONE MALL, Hyderabad.

2008  Design work of  HOLY FIRE TEMPLE at UDWADA which includes SCULPTURES & Installation in Fibre Glass.

2007  Paintings in Bulk done for Bhatia International, Indore.

2006  Designed and executed Fibre Panel for Lakme Fashion Week for Manish Malhotra Mumbai.

2005  Paintings done for Killer Jeans Head Office, Mumbai.

2005  Fibre Artwork done under the supervision of the Jonathan A. Carlson for Hallmark Channel USA “The Curse Of King Tut’s Tomb”.

2005  Designed and executed Fibre Murals for a Parsi Agiyari (Temple) at Hilla Tower, Mumbai.

2005  Persepolis Set Design made in Fibre based on Persian Theme for Navjote Ceremony of Jimmy Mistry’s daughter.


Shiraz Gandhi offers design solutions that are in sync with both client’s expectations and actual site location. Each project is a unique piece of art and Artist Shiraz puts her heart, mind and expertise in each equally. From fibres to ceramic to mosaic, brass and copper, all materials used are of the highest quality.
Having worked so closely with renowned architects, interior designers and event planners for decades now, Ms. Gandhi’s design services are a promise of innovation, creativity and finesse.