Shiraz Gandhi



Della Tower Mumbai


Architect Jimmy Mistry’s master creation, Della Tower in a Parsi colony in Dadar, Mumbai houses a beautiful Parsi Fire Temple and Exhibition Centre at the ground level of the tower. The interior of the Fire Temple is on Persian theme and the exhibition centre is filled with references of Parsi history. All the fibre work (sculptures/murals) in the interior, is an exclusive depiction and execution of artist Shiraz Gandhi’s finesse and creativity.

Inox Gvk One Mall Hyderabad

inox installation

Two Art decor murals in refreshments area at GVK ONE MALL HYDERABAD
Two huge INOX logos created near entrance and exit areas at GVK ONE MALL in the year 2008, in the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad.

Inox Quest Mall Kolkata

Art decor of a gorgeous ceiling work with 30 feet diameter done in lobby area at Inox theatre.

At the biggest project of Inox in India, is a huge logo of INOX sculpted at Quest Mall in Kolkota.

Refuel Logo done in refreshment area in Inox theatre at Quest Mall in Kolkota

Lodha Casa Bella Mumbai

lodha casa bella mumb ai
3 Grace sculptures at Central Green Area of Lodha Casabella, these charming and well carved dancing figures were sculpted in the year 2013

Different mosaic like pieces scuplted and put together in an over lapping pattern to form a huge circle, this abstract metal sculpture was created in the year 2012

Fibre sculpture of a boy, sitting on a flat surface of a garden,this piece of art was sculpted in the year 2012.

Masala Mojo Surat

masala mojo surat

This elegant and traditional Thai lady was carved to perfection in fibre, in the year 2017, for a contemporary cafe & restaurant in Surat, Gujarat.

Udwada Fire Temple

udvada-fire temple

Two bulls with floral borders carved and sculpted at a Parsi temple, the Udwada Fire Temple; these bulls stand tall and beautiful. In Persian writings, bull symbolises earth and mankind.

Mural of King Darius, on a pedestal with finely designed flowers on it at the entrance, and cornish design on the top of the entrance gate, this wall mural was done in the year 2008

other installation

On the completion of 175 years of Seth Viccaji-Seth Pestonji Meherji Parsi fire Temple in Hyderabad

Crave 2 LAMASSU ( Two Winged Bulls ) representing Symbolic Guardians of the Entrance to the Holy place of Worship at Seth Viccaji – Seth Pestonji Meherji Parsi fire Temple in Hyderabad.